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My Breeding Records site

Hello and welcome to everybody! ^_^

I hope you like my site even though it needs some work, so, any suggestion will be always appreciated and welcome.

There might not be every single result of all my breeding attempts, as well as from not every suitable dragons' pairs I could have bred together. I schedule matings for all my rares every week, the date of next one can be found at the box below, while lineaged and commons can be requested for breeding at any time.
At the end of month, I purge all the matings with no eggs/no interest results whenever the same pair produced either an egg or another no eggs/no interest result, but all pairs not listed at Bad Mates page are still breedable together, therefore I can always mate them again until they give a successful result. Instead, at that mentioned page, there is a complete list of all unsuccesful attempts, so you don't uselessly request for a pair that gave permanent refusal.

Also, if you look at my scroll and wish an egg from a specific pair, not reported and not listed as not good for mating yet, then don't be shy and feel free to ask me for anything you like to have from my dragons!

You can find all you need to contact me at Info page.

Noteworthy breeding news

Following breeding schedule to be expected on next: tbd

August, 29: just a tiny note has to be added, only to mention that my stripes has finally start producing eggs again: this august had definitively been a really good breeding month at all.
August, 29: and finally, after almost two years of resultless and thus frustrating breeding attempts, I just got my very first gold egg! *o* which I didn't expect at all, so it was a really nice surprise from my dragons. So, to fulfill the plegde I made once to myself, the little shiny one has gone to a dear friend of mine who still has no metallics at all. \^_^/
June, 26: just a few words to say that today I bred my very first Tinsel egg, and it's nothing less than a gold. O_O
April, 02: unfortunately, due to lack of time I didn't breed since last Valentine day and for the whole march. :-/
I hope the beginning of this new month will help me to catch up and then start again my breeding schedules.

February, 07: today I bred my third silver egg, it has an only silver / black stairstep lineage and comes from my most precious male adult, which I was gifted of. So, tripled happiness for me! YAYAYAY! \^_^/ The gorgeous shiny little new one has been put on FFA at the IRC and won by a nice user.

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